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Keeping Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s Safe at Home

Keeping Your Loved One with Alzheimer's Safe at Home

Safety is everyone’s priority for their loved ones, and especially when their loved ones have conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Because of how it progresses, those afflicted lose memory, thinking skills, and ability to carry out tasks, warranting the need for Home Care Services in Colorado.

It can be risky for loved ones with Alzheimer’s to stay at home. That is why as a Home Care Provider in Aurora, Colorado, we encourage you to address hazards in different areas at home.

  • Kitchen – Make sure there’s no access to equipment or appliances that pose a danger. Put sharp objects like knives and scissors somewhere they can’t find or reach.
  • Bathroom – Use a rubber faucet cover to prevent serious injury, should something happen. Installing grab bars, non-slip mats, and shower stools can also help.
  • Bedroom – Use night lights to aid their vision when they get up at night. Monitoring devices can also alert you when your loved one needs help or assistance.
  • Living room – Remove clutter and ensure the space is clean. A Home Care Agency can provide you with homemaker services, should you need them.

Keeping your loved ones free from danger is also our priority at Emerald Beryl Homecare LLC, a home care provider in Castle Rock. We also have measures in place to make sure your elderly loved ones are well taken care of in their homes.

We have a variety of home care services that benefit you and your loved ones. If you decide to get us as your home care provider in Littleton, please feel free to give us a call at 720-495-8485! You can also get in touch with us for your questions, concerns, and suggestions through our website!

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