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Creating a Mobility-Friendly Home for Your Loved Ones

Creating a Mobility-Friendly Home for Your Loved Ones

Seniors and older adults are at a much higher risk of mobility issues. This is because they experience more health conditions that may affect the way they move. With that, they must live in a home where they can move easily, despite their conditions.

As a home care provider in Aurora, Colorado, we want to help you create a friendlier home for your senior loved ones. So how can you do this?

  • Grab Rails

    Installing grab rails around the house may help your loved ones with their mobility. This makes sure they can hold onto something as they walk and move. These should be placed in key areas in the house where they often walk and move around.

  • Ramps and Stairlifts

    Ramps are a much better alternative for seniors who use the wheelchair. This can accommodate their wheelchair and allows them to scale inclines better. Make sure you install ramps alongside the porch stairs.

    If ramps are not an option, you can opt for stairlifts that can help seniors move up and down the stairs with ease.

  • Assistance and Supervision

    Of course, we can also choose to supervise them to make sure they can everything they need when they walk or move. You can also get in touch with a home care agency for professional caretaking.

If you need help with senior care, make sure to contact us here at Emerald Beryl Homecare LLC. We offer home care services in Colorado and are dedicated to providing quality care.

We are also a home care provider in Denver, and other areas to make sure everyone gets taken care of. Call us today to learn more!

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